So, with the Marine Corps to date the strictest to holding the bar and standard for females in the infantry and combat billets, there is this. This sends very mixed signals to the Marines currently serving. The CMC (Commandant of the Marine Corps) is holding the line regarding standards then releases this. Interesting. Time for a C-Gar

Per Merriam Webster:

noun: rifleman; plural noun: riflemen
  1. 1.
    a soldier armed with a rifle, especially a private in a rifle regiment.


One of the most time-honored phrases in the Marine Corps — "every Marine a rifleman" — could get an update as the service's top leaders consider new gender-neutral job titles for all positions.

The Marine Corps is conducting a sweeping review of its military occupational specialty titles, Capt. Philip Kulczewski, a Marine spokesman at the Pentagon, told Marine Corps Times. The move follows a January directive from Navy Secretary Ray Mabus that Navy and Marine leaders ensure all job titles are gender neutral as ground combat jobs opened to women. Read full story here

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