Let’s watch how the Marine Corps and other branches deal with women in combat roles. Apparently, many people have spent allot of good tax payer money to have it determined if women would function in combat roles or not efficiently. The ruling is that it is highly discouraged. But read for your selves. Time for a C-Gar

The United States of America is in mortal jeopardy and most Americans, tucked away in their beds tonight don’t even understand why or who is responsible for their peril.

Those responsible are not from North Korea, China, Iran, Russia or ISIS. They are Department of Defense bureaucrats, members of Congress and senior leaders in the US military.

The US military is committing suicide. We are in the first stages of beginning a process that is going to decimate the speed, lethality and combat power of the Marines and the US Army combat arms and special operations. The US military is doing this because of policies directed by the White House and authorized by willing lackeys in the Pentagon and in Congress.

A Congress short on military veterans and long on wind and incompetence said nothing as the April 1, 2016, deadline passed for them to review Secretary of Defense Ash Carter’s authorization which allows women to serve in direct ground combat units. Read full story here

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