You may have read here about the Wounded Warrior Program. I can tell you the positive stories are much fewer than the negative stories.

Thus, I recommend if you would like a good charity to support that actually helps deployed warriors is to consider donating to

You can go HERE to donate. I have had the luxury of having anysoldier support me through all 5 combat deployments. It works! There is nothing better to be in some god for saken country and receive a care package. It’s hard to put into words. However, when you get something in the mail, your entire perspective changes.

Hey, I got it, times are tough, I know. However I challenge every reader of One Marines View to donate $10. If that happened, the charity would have close to 10,000 just from a week’s viewers. Crazy, right? My goal is to raise $5,000. Can you help me reach that goal? (A typical "value meal at McDonald's is $7. A typical cup of coffee at Starbucks is $4.75. So go without that nasty burger, that crazy coffee and help out this charity. Kinda puts it in perspective does it not?


All I ask is “if” you can donate, please do. I wouldn’t promote it if I didn’t have faith in it and I do, because they supported my Marines and I. They make a difference.

Go here to donate!

To make things interesting, I make these American flags. I will randomly pick a donator which will receive one of these flags (per $1k donated) that I am donating to the cause (I believe in it) and I will ship it to you free of charge and I will even pick up the shipping!

Even if you don't donate, help me spread the word. What's that take? Like 2 seconds to share this posting….please help me get the word out.


I really appreciate your help! – Time for a C-Gar



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