This is the type of video I would love to have every free hand out cryin, free college demanding, “I don’t support our servicemember” tree hugging pukes in America to watch. Better yet, I would love to have them put up or shut up and travel to their choice of shit hole countries and spend 60 days at any FOB (forward operating base) and then come back to the US and tell me how America sucks with all of the amenities we have as they stomp on the American flag. However, we all know, 1) they wouldn’t go, 2) they would rather sit in their parents basement and proclaim they are being treated unfair as they spoon up in the “safe place”. Pathetic. These are just some who have gone forward to protect your sorry crybaby asses. You don’t rate to share the same air with these warriors, especially if you like to stomp on the American flag.  Time for a C-Gar

The soldiers go on to hammer known and suspected enemy locations with small arms and rockets. Although it looks like a waste of ammo, it actually keeps the enemy forces pinned down until close air support, in the form of Kiowa helicopters, can arrive. When the birds come on station, they begin engaging the enemy and calling out their locations to the ground troops, so they can fire onto their positions.Read full story here


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