Along with the additional dumbing down of Americas youth (especially college students) it boggles my mind and I still hear some talk negative about military personnel. My favorite quote is “we aren’t even at war anymore”

However, exact numbers are close hold due to Op Sec, approximately 5-6k Marines are in Afghanistan and now the US Army is sending about 10k more. I’m sure O will be on the news in 3…..2….1…announcing he has ended the war in Afghanistan as well (brilliant).

I could go on about how the rules of engagement (ROE) are a joke and in the past 4 years we have let off the bad guys where as we had them on their heels back in 2010. More like running scared to now about the as O directing a catch and release program for our borders (by the way, thanks Obama voters, all of this is your fault). So when you hear some pimple faced puke say “we aren’t at war anymore” you will see the dumbing down of Americas youth by this administration first hand. Time for a C-Gar


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  1. WTH??? The American military can destroy these 7th century assholes!! My late Brother in Law went thru the same BS when he was in Vietnam from 1967 thru 1969!! He said many times that our “leaders” in the govt. caused the end for OUR troops!! NOT the enemy.

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