You read it here, here and here about the continued development of the two CH 53 Helos that crashed in Hawaii. A late release per below shows there was more to the story (as there always is) and their CO was removed just 3 days prior to the accident. The Marine Corps maintains very high standards and when they aren't met, there is a reason and we fix it. Time for a C-Gar


Lt. Col. Edward Pavelka, the former commanding officer of Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 463, was removed from his job Jan. 11 when superiors lost confidence in his ability to lead his Marines. (Photo: Marine Corps)

The Marine Corps helicopter squadron reeling from the recent deaths of 12 colleagues saw its commanding officer removed from his job three days prior to the tragedy because senior officials determined he had failed to keep the unit operating at acceptable standards, Marine Corps Times has learned.

Lt. Col. Edward Pavelka was relieved of command Jan. 11, multiple sources confirmed. On Jan. 14, two CH-53E helicopters from Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 463 disappeared over the Pacific Ocean during a nighttime training mission about two miles north of Hawaii's Oahu island, where the aircraft were based. Read full story here


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