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Service members, retirees and veterans are eligible for a 15 percent discount on monthly wireless service, Verizon announced Thursday.

The company has identified more than 100,000 accounts that are eligible for the discount, according to a press release, and the discount is being automatically applied to those accounts.

Those eligible can also receive a 25 percent discount on certain accessories such as select chargers, cases and extended batteries, and 12 percent off certain calling features, such as International Travel to Mexico and Canada, HUM by Verizon and Tech Coach.


Just did this to check it out and its pretty simple to do.

1. Go here

2. Validate your account by your phone number & last 4 of your SSN

3. Confirm DoD email on file or add it or validate military service by other means offered

4. Click button that send a confirmation to your DoD acnt.

5. Once you get it in your DoD acnt, it gets a little tricky but if this grunt can do it you can. In your Dod email acnt, the fire walls are going to prevent the formatted Verizon email to come through as they intended. Thus you will simply get several "links" in your DoD email account.

6. Send the email you received from Verizon from your DoD account to your personal account (Gmail,Hotmail etc)

7. Go to  your personal account, open the email you just sent yourself and scroll to the bottom of the email and click on it once

8. If you didn't screw this up, you will get a confirmation that you will automatically receive the discount.


Do it.


Time for a C-Gar

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