When I was in Helmand, Marjah was secured and owned by US Forces. Since my last deployment, this administration has done all but turned off our offensive. Thus, you get the below as a result when you try to flex after sitting of forward operating bases for 4 years. Pathetic and every one of those SOF warriors should get an apology from the entire administration. But they don’t care and ever warrior knows it. Time for a C-Gar.

More than a dozen U.S. Army special operations soldiers are trapped in Marjah, Afghanistan, taking cover in a compound surrounded by enemy fire and hostile Taliban fighters after a U.S. special operations solider was killed earlier in the day, senior U.S. defense officials told Fox News late Tuesday.

A U.S. official described the “harrowing” scene to Fox News, saying there were enemy forces surrounding the compound in which the special operations team sought refuge.

“On the map there is one green dot representing friendly forces stuck in the compound, and around it is a sea of red [representing hostile forces],” the official told Fox News.  

A U.S. military “quick reaction force” of reinforcements arrived late Tuesday and evacuated the U.S. special operations soldier killed in action, and the two wounded Americans in the compound, according to a U.S. defense official. Read full story here



  1. 0bammy screwing up yet again and we lost another fine warrior.
    This is what is expected from a fraud wimpy presedente that never was in a fist fight or had a bloody nose. He’s an incompetent moron.
    I feel awful for America’s brave warriors in the miltary.

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