So did ya party a bit too hard last nights for new year’s?

If so and you’re not the typical 21 year old infantry Marine who will go for a 3 mile run to sweat it out, below are a few “remedies” to make you feel better.

  1. Keep drinking. No really, the “hair of the dog” so to speak will only really make you feel ten times worse when you finally decide it may be a good idea to sober up. Or you could be like Okinawa Marines when a hurricane rolls in and you and your 1st Sgt buy a pallet of beer from the local PX. Hey, they make you wear full body armor….we can drink all this beer in one night.
  2. Enjoy a nice big breakfast. Unfortunately the mere sight of greasy eggs may make you sober up by empting your guts in the neighbor’s yard or throwing up on an ant pile. However, I prefer a good big plate of chow after a “good night”. Let’s rock us some Village Inn (I still need to stop by a particular Village Inn and apologize to a few waitresses for having my fellow Marines trying to marry them all. Ya, nothing like a fresh cigar to ward off that head pain and a side of bacon. Bring it! Can I get some black coffee over here please?
  3. Although Alka-Seltzer turns 80 in 2011it isn’t a good idea. It has a bunch of other crap in it that will eventually make your stomach do cheetah flips. Stay away. Use a big glass of water and some Motrin as Motrin fixes everything, broken bones, rashes etc etc.
  4. There are lots of hangover "cures" in a bottle out there—such as Chaser, PreToxx, and RU 21—but very little evidence to back up claims. These guys are getting rich off drunks. Don’t waste your cash. See # 3 above
  5. Coffee- That said, caffeine narrows your blood vessels and boosts blood pressure. "Both of these may make the hangover worse. The only thing that will help you sober up is time. Coffee just makes you an awake drunk. But damn it taste good late at night.
  6. Water & sports drinks. Although dehydration is a major contributor to hangovers, these won’t really help much and there is nothing worse after a long night of drinking to confuse your spit bottle for your orange Gatorade. You will only make this mistake once, trust me.
  7. Pull your sorry smelly hung over ass out of bed, put your go fasters on (one at a time is very acceptable), wear some sort of PT shorts (clothes are usually a bonus) and go for a run. Its only 32 degrees out? You won’t know it because you head will hurt so bad you will be more concentrated on that pain than your numb fingers or lack of pants. As you repeat over and over that you’re never drinking again, scan over those classy pics on your smart phone and you will adjust that phrase to”I won’t drink until next weekend”.

There are many more “remedies” here but ultimately only time is going to help you feel better cupcake. My 1st Sgt use to tell Marines, if you can’t run with the big dogs until 0300AM and run PT in the morning, stay at home. I think that pretty good advice. Either don’t participate or, man the fck up and carry on with your normal daily activities. Either way, no one feels sorry for you. Sure, we will get ya back to the barracks and yes, we will come get ya for PT in the morning.Hope your night was safe. Time for a C-Gar!

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