If you look since this administration has begun, the war on terrorism in Iraq was surrendered as the president made the call to withdraw troops, the war in Afghanistan is in a stalemate as warriors sit on forward operating bases instead of putting isis on its heels like it was before this administration took over.

The enemy and threat were in retreat mode in Afghanistan & Iraq before this administration took office and never a consideration was given of possible isis attacks ever happening here in America. The enemy like that in Iraq would be eliminated by now if we kept the pedal pressed. The mighty military power of the United States was reducing the enemy day by day in the counter insurgency war, now, not so much. Before you decide to conflict that point, unless you have been there and have made a difference yourself you are then basing your opinion on something you have read or were told so respond accordingly.

However, now the isis influenced attacks here in America are at a number never expected while your servicemembers in Afghanistan are restricted to bases for the most part, don’t patrol actively, don’t have the same operation tempo as before and are equally restricted by rules of engagement set by this administration. That is not how you win wars in a counter insurgency, that’s how you get your servicmembers killed.

These warriors were attacked and killed because we have taken our foot off the attack pedal in Afghanistan. These warriors blood is on this administration hands.

Being away from your family sucks, being deployed during the holidays sucks even more. Remember them this holiday season as they are caught in the middle of not stopping children from being raped and killing bad guys to having to somehow complete an unbelievable mission this administration has designed. If this administration really wanted us to win, it would be like it was before they came into office, but everyone knows, that’s not going to happen. Time for a C-Gar


A suicide bomber on a motorbike carried out the attack on a joint patrol of Afghan and coalition forces at about 1:30 p.m. in the Bajawri area of Bagram district, said Waheed Sediqi, a spokesman for the governor of Parwan province.

Two other U.S. service members and an American contractor were also wounded, officials said.

The area is close to the U.S. base in the Bagram district of northern Parwan province.

The last time six U.S. service members were killed was October 2, when their C-130J Super Hercules aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff from Jalalabad Airfield, Afghanistan.

On July 8, 2012, six U.S. soldiers were killed after an improvised explosive device attack in Maidan Shahr, Wardak province, Afghanistan. Read full story here

While Obama was on the course, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest released a statement in response to the attacks. “We express our deepest condolences to the families of the six U.S. service members killed and to all of those injured in today’s Taliban attack near Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, and their loved ones,” the statement read, adding that the United States condemned the “cowardly attack.” 

Later in the day, Obama allowed reporters on the course to observe him make a chip shot on the 18th hole. After successfully making the shot, Obama raised both arms in triumph, and turned and pointed in the direction of the reporters on the course.


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