Now that the Army has finally concluded this oxygen thief is guilty of treason and is being court martialed, what a huge, huge, monstrous embarrassment for this administration as they hailed him as a national hero and praised his actions with his enemy loving parents in front of the world.

Wow, I can’t imagine how embarrassed this administration is and even better this “soldier” is finally going to be court martialed.

“According to Sergeant Bergdahl’s defense lawyers, the Army lawyer who presided over the preliminary hearing also recommended that he face neither jail time nor a punitive discharge and that he go before an intermediate tribunal known as a “special court-martial,” where the most severe penalty possible would be a year of confinement. Read more here


Monday’s decision rejecting that recommendation means that Sergeant Bergdahl now faces a maximum five-year penalty if ultimately convicted by a military jury of desertion, as well as potential life imprisonment on the more serious charge of misbehavior before the enemy, which in this case means endangering the troops who were sent to search for him after he disappeared.”

Despite the known enemies that were traded for this deserter remember those that died looking for him. What has this administration said to those families by holding him in honor and praising his actions, then it is determined that none of what this administration said is worth any salt because it has now been determined he needs to be court martialed.

I would watch this “court martial” closely though. If he gets sentenced anything but life, you know the white house had their hand in it. Time for a C-Gar


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