So if you haven’t read, all military ocupation specialties (jobs) are now mandatory open to females. Now the 10 million question will be if “standards” wiIl be lowered. Some Army Rangers in the same class as those females that passed said they were recycled until they passed while other potential Ranger males were sent home. Interesting…..
The rule was, they are going to be Rangers one way or another. Now, all jobs are open and each branch has to notify sec def what their plan is to integrate them into combat roles.careful what you ask for, ya just might get it. Time for a C-Gar
WASHINGTON—The U.S. military will open all combat positions to women, with no exceptions, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said Thursday in a decision that ended a decades-long debate but didn’t quell disagreement with the move.
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  1. YES, the standards will be lowered. My fear is in a fire fight somewhere, sometime, will a physically weaker woman have to be helped to hustle up a hill to escape and have to be rescued maybe resulting in the death of her male rescuer?? Can she carry her share of the heavy ammunition load for days? Will she mind being filthy and dirty for days in a row? I’m 6’5″ and 230 fit pounds and I’m sure there is a woman somewhere that could kick my ass, but I utterly can’t agree with this.
    I built concrete and steel bridges for a career and we had woman from time to time on various projects. They just cannot do the physical part of the job for hours on end.
    Call me an out of date 58 year old sexist if you wish.

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