This administration, through the military sequestration process has lowered your US military to bare bones number, without reducing the missions as posted here, here and here. Many people I speak with are like “what’s sequestration?” Well, point blank, it’s a Massive reduction your military protection. By cutting, giving pink slips, firing, however you want to shape it, this administration has lowered America’s fighting force to bare bones. The Marine Corps has taken a very hard hit as has the Army but as you can see below, the Army continues to hit.

A major element that many congressman etc that are making these decisions don’t think about is all of these Marines and Army joes etc they are letting go has three major implications:

  1. Most of the warriors being let go are combat hardened service members. Once they are gone we will have a very thin and novice military force. Think about all of the warriors who have done multiple Afg/Iraq deployments and are now gone. Once you lose that experience, it’s very hard to replace.
  2. The civilian job market is hammered by veterans dismissed in bulk. Unemployment is not getting better folks.
  3. You military is very thin. Currently the Marine Corps has dozens missions that are trying to fill with less than required Marines. Does that make sense to you?In a time when terrorism is gaining momentum, the war in Afghanistan is in a stalemate because we have stopped the attack on the enemy and simply are just sitting on bases marking time, Iraq spins out of control, your administration cuts the military beyond that of typical democrat, levels.

We are weak and vulnerable. Point blank. Time for a C-Gar


About 500 Army majors, some of them now serving in Afghanistan, will begin receiving notices next week that they must leave the service as the Army cuts troop strength to meet budget cuts, the outgoing Army vice chief of staff said Friday.

"We don't want to do this," but the Army has no choice under the constraints of the Budget Control Act and the Congressional sequester process, said Gen. John F. Campbell. Read full story here


  1. I recall giving my “oath of allegiance” each time I reenlisted. That oath I still hold true and valuable. Call me “old fashioned”……but, I will maintain that oath as long as I have breath.
    My God, My Country, My Corps……..For My People…..Americans.

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