Why might you ask? Could it be that the Marine Corps had a policy of a 1:1 ratio of combat deployments to time back in the states and they have ran it into the ground? Could it be that the USMC is cutting at the cyclic rate and Marine would rather work for someone that is actually going to keep them around….and pay them better?? Could it be that Marines are simply fed up with how the military is being lead in Washington? You make your own conclusions…

The Marine Corps is making slower progress towards re-enlistment targets for fiscal year 2016. As of Oct. 5, just over 33 percent of targeted first-term boat spaces were filled compared to 53 percent at the same time last year, according to Marine administrative message 490/15.


I can tell you as well, the officer corps is depleting quickly as well. The Marine Corps has cut so many, that thousands have considered to depart early, take their military experience and seek employment elsewhere and, they are getting pretty good jobs as well in the civilian world.  The US Gov has crushed/reduced the Marine Corps to bear bones, no shit. Its actually pretty scary and the American people have no clue. Better turn the aircraft quicker Marine Corps, you are loosing several quality people at the cyclic rate, and Im not talking about sequestration either.

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