You read about Bergdahl HERE and HERE on One Marine's View and now his lawyer is "recommending" a lesser charge and no jail time. I guess its ok to be a traitor now in the military. I guess its ok now for the US Government to give a break to everyone who breaks laws in the military. We hammer the dog shit out of young Marines for getting drunk in town and starting fights. We end their career over lesser charges. We put them in jail for lesser charges. Why in zeuseus maximus would ANY patriotic, American loving judge even consider giving this traitor a "break"? Why. FAIL, period. 

Although its just a "recommendation" I hope to all that is holy the American people come freaking unglued if this maggot gets a "break" . If America wont speak up, hell one person cane make a difference and One Marine's View will raise holy hell if haji gets a break. You decided to aide the enemy, six US warriors gave their life looking for opie. Did they happen to ask the families of those killed looking for him what they think? I bet not. No breaks given to traitor boy, from OMV, none. Time for a C-Gar


  1. My God, what a bag of S*it……
    I’ve got a “recommendation”! ……allow me to serve on his firing squad, it would be an honor.

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