Marines. We didn’t decide to join because we are pussies. (I don’t know how else to say it) and this goes for all Marines since 1775 as a reminder, the Marine Corps was started in a bar, nuf said. We go through the most difficult physical training, boot camp and get the most difficult and dangerous missions to protect America while in a blink of an eye, your girlfriend will wink at us whenever we show up in our dress blues. We are forged to be Americas ready force even when it is not popular (Thank you Vietnam Vets/Marines) and we win wars.


Our discipline is one of our hallmarks and that isn’t developed in a short Air Force boot camp routine, it is hammered by salty Marine drill instructors that are handpicked to make Marines and they are the best at it.

Recently, a young gunfighter Ezekiel Dingle (A Marine on facebook, https://www.facebook.com/ezekiel.dingle.9 drop him a line) was opening the door while in uniform for a particular shit bag who decided to exploit his freedom of speech (although not good judgment) and spit on the Marine. Despite this 19 year old warrior recently receiving the latest techniques and tactics to end that F*ckers gene pool on the spot through line training and heart punches, he didn’t, thus the discipline I spoke of earlier. Sure, he could have broken the turds arm and followed it up with a heal strike to the cranium (one of my favorites as it’s a bitch to have a broken arm then have someone stomping your face in) but he didn’t and that piece of crap punk ass, just got a gift of life and didn’t even know it, Merry Christmas turd.

However, there have been situations where Marines deploy to shit holes in the world and get mother fu*ked about how they save lives all the time, especially by fellow Americans/politicians. It’s funny how someone without the balls to join can so easily bitch about how you kill very evil bad guys. Go figure. However, Marines have a DNA make up and are hard wired to brush that shit off, until we get a belly full, then you can stand by Mr bed wetting, ball less tree hugging spitter because  there are times when that discipline becomes your worst nightmare as we are disciplined on how to use our skills as well. Also, remember, you mess with one Marine, you have to fight us all…..good luck.

The Marine told his mother https://www.facebook.com/mdingle1 “people don’t like us anymore”. Bullshit, it’s not that they don’t like you but those that have zero respect for America, want a free hand out from the government, would rather sit around and smoke pot all day than be a contributor to society demonstrate their ignorance through the most intelligent way they know, spitting on you to try to intimidate you and frankly, I have had a lot worse thrown at me.  Although, being spit on may seem terrible and gross, however, it’s better than human shit (been there) and when this happens, I actually smile back at them and laugh. They just played their card and showed me their intellectual level, which boosts my combat confidence even more and frankly, they just don’t know how to take me when I pick up the shit they just threw at me and mash it between my fingers and throw it back with a smile (great psychological technique).

No, America loves Marines, always have, always will warrior, you just got to a new level of education of being a Marine. Use it, grow from it, learn from it. I’m glad you didn’t heart punch that f*cker into next week (we all know you could have) but instead you actually mentally defeated him and because you, well are a Marine and I’m proud that you didn’t end up in jail from the other crybabies  out there who would scream “look the tough Marine crushed that f*ckers face”.  Next time, just blow him a kiss and ask if that’s the best he’s got….. My gut call is that “if” this maggot was accompanied by a slight representation of the female species, he probably caught her starring at you wishing she was with you instead of Johnny low life. Get used to it, Dress Blues through all levels of Marine hypnotizing uniforms have magical powers son, it’s a secret weapon and it makes panties drop all over the world. Congrats, you have the “gift”.

No, Americans don’t dislike Marines, or for that matter any true red blooded US service member. The ones that do dislike you, are intimidated, threatened because you have a strong mind and body, don’t take shit, strike fear into the enemy when they hear “Marines have landed” they know it is a bad deal for them. They know you are skillfully trained and represent something bigger than yourself through selflessness and dedication and discipline. Something they will never have and frankly, those turds are not Americans. Americans appreciate the ones who go forward to keep the enemy at bay and that’s you son. Continue to make America and your fellow Marines proud. Semper Fidelis. Time for a C-Gar

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