Just made some "Million Dollar" upgrades (not really, Im a Marine, we don't make that much $$) to the blog (keeping it fresh) and have added a more current "news" addition to the upper right so this blog can allow you to stay in touch with your warriors and the current events.By the way, if you like a particualr news feed, put it in the comments or email it to me and I will add your favorite news feed. Unless it is from a cry baby, tree hugging, no gun wanting, anti American news station, if that's the case, please don't waste my time…

Also, on the left of the blog, I added a section for you to add your email and receive posts in your email in box. (I don't do anything with your email address). Its all good.


Let me know if it works for ya, if it doesn't, I'm open to adjust it so it works. One Marine's View blog is yours as much as mine. Time for a C-Gar

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