A Green Beret ordered discharged after he and his team leader body-slammed an alleged Afghan child rapist is speaking out against the Army's effort to punish him, as he fights to stay in the service. 

If you didn’t know, boy rape is very prevalent throughout Iraq and Afghanistan and the culture there. There are several accounts of Taliban fighters going into villages, killing and raping children and adults.

'Kicking me out of the army is morally wrong and the entire country knows it.'

– Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland


If we are there to fight the Taliban and protect the innocent, how in holy cow reasoning does this administration justify kicking out not only a US member who has dedicated his service to fight and protect these people, but yet another service member and he is a Green Beret.  So instead of the US sending warriors to protect the innocent and frail, we are encouraging them NOT to do this and furthermore, they are prosecuting those that do. This parallels the ideology of your warriors simply sitting on bases not doing jack, but getting shot at and blown up. Great plan….. One take away here, is the warrior, still wants to serve. How many servicemembers do you think are going to want to serve if they prosecute this warrior.

Please any cry baby tree huger, explain to me how this administration has made any difference in the war against terrorism…waiting.


This is a crock and they tried to do it without America realizing it. This is the reflection of your administration. – Time for a C-Gar Read more here


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