Afghanistan September_Cham640360

Amazing, your warriors have been restricted so much that they haven't been taking the fight to the enemy but staying on their bases due to rules of engagement by this administration. Now, especially after the news of the "Retired Marine Gen. John Allen, who was picked by President Barack Obama last year to lead a coalition fight against the Islamic State, will step down from his post in early November"  because,Allen's frustration with the way the White House is micromanaging the war effort".

How can it be anymore clear that this administration is simply putting this war on hold while your warriors pay the sacrifice? Now they are saying that we need to stay there well after 2016. Well of course we do, if we want to win because we haven't done dick since this president took over and that boys and girls is how the enemy gets stronger and organizations like isis are built.  Read more here Time for a C-Gar


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