September 11th. The day that changed America. It was one of America’s worse days and one of our best days. Now, 14 years later what words describe Sept 11 to you and what image do you remember the most?


I was conducting military training near Virginia and heard the news of the first plane hit. The image I remember the most is watching live tv and seeing the second plane hit. I knew the Marine Corps was about to get a lot busier.

To me the three words would be Vulnerability, Selflessness, and Patriotism.

Vulnerability because America was riding pretty high on our horse and didn’t see the warning or think something like this would or could happen. We became complacent as a country. Guess we forgot the attacks on Pearl Harbor.

Selflessness because on that day in a city that is diverse as America is big, hundreds of different nationalities, races and people in general put all of their indifferences aside and came together. Not only at the site of the attack but around the US. It was one of our worse days and one of our greatest days.

The following days after that attack I have never seen such Patriotism in this country not even on the Fourth of July. American flags lined the streets, houses and businesses and America was very united. Why did we let this patriotism fade?

Those that witnessed a similar attack (Pearl Harbor) could relate to the feeling experienced on Sept 11th. They knew that feeling and witnessed the country coming together. America is not bullet proof. We are strong but only as strong as our weakest link and we have to get “ourselves” together as a country to set the parameters up for our continued success in the future. After the Sept 11 attacks America flashed back to that time when we were “America” when we moved with a purpose as an entire country. Stocktraders, tradesmen, NFL players with successful jobs and substantial incomes joined the military to “make a difference”.

Something within them drove them to put their country before themselves, before their personnel gains and contribute to a greater cause, one that might cost them their lives. That type of action can’t be created, if it could recruiters would have an easy job. It comes from within a person to put their individual gain aside and focus on the greater good. Why has this faded over the years? We are America! The home of the free and land of the brave. Ask anyone that doesn’t live in the United States if they want to come to the US, the answer is always Yes!

You know that feeling in your gut after the attacks? The feeling you had as you watched the country come together? I have that feeling in my gut 24/7. It’s what makes America what it is. It’s what makes us different because we aren’t afraid to strive to be the best, help those that are less fortunate, and to go take care of those that threaten what we believe in especially those that threaten America. With every deployment I make I see Americas best making a difference, living in austere conditions, dealing with unimaginable circumstances and routinely leaving an area better than it was when they arrived and making a difference. By the way they do volunteer to do this. They live that captured post 9/11 feeling day in and day out.

We were attacked ten years ago because of our vulnerability, our selfless acts and patriotism by those that hate all of those things. They hate America and everything it stands for. Guess what, they still hate America. I call it like I see it and we need that spirit following the attacks of 9/11 back to let the world know that even after ten years we don’t forgret! The terrorist failed. they wanted to terrify America, what they did was just the opposite.

What words describe Sept 11 to you and what image do you remember the most?

Time for a CGar!

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