So I see where the Marine Corps has began down the slippery slope that the US Army is on. Changing uniforms. The US Army spends billions on changing uniforms at the cyclic rate. Why? Think about the young “joe” who is living from paycheck to pay check having to change some of his gear because of big Army changing uniform tops.  He has to go through this goat rope or some SgtMaj will throttle him for having the wrong color glow belt on.



The Marine Corps is considering some unique changes. I have to say, I’m not a fan of any of them. We have had a solid uniform system in place for some time now and because as a branch that doesn’t get allot of money from big  government anyway, I would have to see why the changes are really going to benefit the “young Marines” My gut though in all of the proposed changes is that the young Marine isn’t the focus point in all of these changes and that’s what bothers me.  Mission success and troop welfare, let’s try to focus on that Mkay?

Marine Corps proposed changes, with my two cents:

Ditching desert utility cammies-Why? I personally like the desert camies better than our “pickle suit”. I read where it will save money for Marines because they will only wear the deserts in combat. Ok, know, that we have many “attachments” like packs, helmet covers, battle gear etc in the desert pattern. It won’t save money(that much) because we still wear helmets in garrison and would still need both helmet cover and additional gear. This is the problem the Army is facing. Basically, we would then wear the pickle suit while in the US, then wear the deserts in war. Not a good idea.

A unisex dress blue coat-Um, no. It looks terrible (see pic in the article) Terrible I say. Female Marines have utilized their uniform for decades, why? Because it fits them better than the mens version. Guys don’t have boobs, there it is I said it. The ladies uniform facilitates a ladies figure, the mens coat, not so much. The USMC uniform board spent allot of money developing this uniform for them(current version) and they got it right. If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

Changing seasonal uniforms-Ok, this one kinda makes sense as we are already basically doing this to date. It’s currently already up to the commander to deviate from the “seasonal” uniform. However, one caveat to this is to have Marines wear the “service Charlie’s” or all the time everyday instead of only on Fridays. We wear them on Fridays to really accomplish nothing more than making sure everyone doesn’t become a fat ass which would show in the “chucks”. The propose “addition” is to wear service charlies 5 days a week. This would be a great way to bring Marines morale down. If you haven't ever worn this uniform, they include they all mighty “shirt stays” that are elastic bands that hook to your shirt then to your sock. You look like a freaking stud, but if one of these come loose and go “north” you are in for some pain. Wearing them on Fridays? Fine, it’s all good, five days a week, seriously??? We are Marine, not Poags!!


This info comes across to me and other Marines as some Major in the uniform board trying to leave his/her mark on the Marine Corps and frankly, we don’t look too highly of that in the Marines, just saying. Our current uniforms are legendary, they work and young Marines don’t have to take on an addition pay out to please some Major/uniform board dude with a “great idea”.  The big take away in all of this, it advertises that your Marines will only have “some say” in these uniform changes. Huh? If they were confident their proposed changes, they would feel confident in listening to the “Marines” and asking them their opinion AND letting them through feedback decide and going with what "they" decide. Not just asking their opinion, then saying, thanks for your input, we are all going to wear glow belts 24/7.

Time for a C-Gar

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  1. Oh hell, here we go again…… “Do you have your new cammies”? “Show me your inspection locker”! Money, money, money…… (get the picture)….. and pc police will be watching…

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