You never hear of a “cat” saving warriors lives. Go figure. In this story however, you will hear of not one but three dogs that saved 50 warriors lives. We had several Forward Operating Base (FOB) dogs throughout the numerous FOBs I was at and none of them save our buts, just mooched MREs from us and barked in the middle of the night at ospreys landing bringing us resupplies.

They do however somehow make you think of home and your own dog back there and even while you enjoy a nice cigar, they catch you off guard and jump up in your lap to let you know everything is ok.

Time for a C-Gar!

One night, a suicide bomber strapped with explosives tried to get into Chris’s barracks. The dogs barked and attacked the bomber, keeping the bomber out of the barracks. The bomber blew himself up, but did so outside of the barracks, saving all 50 soldiers inside.

Unfortunately, one of the dogs, Sasha, didn’t make it. The other two, Target and Rufus, suffered injuries but fully recovered. Read full story here

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