You may have heard where Obama has allowed “illegals” to join the military.

Ok, before all you Obama lovers attack me, get your facts straight, yes Pres George Bush initiated Military Accessions Vital to National Interest program (MAVNI) during the Iraqi war In December 2008. The Defense Department announced a pilot program to temporarily allow certain legal aliens who were doctors or nurses — or could speak certain in-demand languages such as Haitian-Creole, Chinese or Farsi OR had special skills to aide our military– to join the military. (Spanish is not on the language list.)


This was initiated to aid in the war effort. However, Obama has said that the Iraqi war is over and the Afghani is coming to an end. So what’s up? Why does he push this now?

A little background: Illegals have been in our military for some time now. Back in 1993 I had two or three of them in my boot camp class. If they had a green card or visa, the recruiters from all branches found a way to get them into the service as numbers were very low. However, a large percentage of them all became citizens before they could reenlist. Obama has now made it so all of those “juveniles” who recently came here from Mexico illegal can now join the military through Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) initiated from Obama thus negating the MAVNI initiated from Pres Bush and has deviated from its original intention (to aide in a time of war) regardless if they have a visa or not.

“About 5,000 non-citizens enlist for active duty each year. A 2011 consultant’s report for the U.S. Navy stated that about 4 percent of the military services are non-citizens. The report concluded that non-citizens are a valuable recruiting resource because of their large numbers, their useful language skills and the smaller likelihood they will leave the armed services quickly.”-PoliticFact

The current administration is allowing this to happen to aide illegals and assist them into getting into America. Many of them only do their minimum commitment to four years active and two years inactive (IRR) (some don’t even do that and go AWOL and become deserters because they are illegals, they are more difficult to charge) then they can claim for citizenship or they don’t have to. But this allows them to hide in the US “illegally” (for up to 4 years) and continue to be illegal. Nothing says they don’t go back to their country or even our enemy’s aid with our training. Nonetheless, its smoking mirrors by this administration.  Time for a C-Gar

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