*Update*  obama has signed a bunch of executive orders but none are banning the confederate flag.


 On 23 June 2015, the blog Real News, Right Now published an article (later picked up by DC Gazette) reporting that President Obama signed an executive order banning all Confederate flags and memorabilia. To date this isn't verified, however, like many of you readers have said "it wouldn't surprise us" for him to do something like this…….


Most likely while you were sleeping, obama was celebrating the Ramadan festivities at the White House.

During the dinner, obama signed 209th Executive Order banning everything related to the confederate, it is now illegal to own one, wear one or have a sticker of it on your car. The 1st Amendment is gone. The government can say what you can and cant have and your rights are nothing now. Thanks for voting him into office!

In retrospect, all of the bad things out there he could have banned, ISIS flags, to name one are "ok" in his book because he obviously hasn't banned them. Actions speak louder than words. Time for a C-Gar


The executive order is the 209th issued by President Obama since taking office and is being hailed as a major victory against racism. Based largely on Germany’s anti-Nazi laws, the order, which officially goes into effect on June 18th, makes it illegal to possess “any item or symbol bearing the sign of the Confederacy.” President Obama, calling the Confederate flag a “symbol of hatred,” compared its history to that off the Third Reich, saying, “You don’t see government buildings in Germany flying the Nazi flag, we shouldn’t have to see the Confederate flag here.”


  1. I am utterly disgusted that our President feels the need to ban a part of our history, the fact that the confederate flag represents hatred according to him, is nothing short of ridiculous. That flag represents the southern states and a point in time in our country’s past, a time much simpler but none the less important, the only time in our nation’s history where our fore-fathers fought against each other on American soil. I was born and raised in the south and I have never looked upon the confederate flag as representing “hatred”. So sad that we are slowly and surely losing our 1st amendment rights!

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