My two cents, these pieces of crap are lucky they only got coffee thrown on them, trust me, Marines have had much worse (bodily fluids) thrown on them and stood their ground.  It’s amazing in today’s America, they guy defending the American flag is the one arrested. I think that cop could have had a “few” other things to do (paperwork) and not arrest a patriotic citizen. Instead, he awarded the low life maggot piece of shit that was dragging the Stars & Bars. I’m sure her daddy is proud. FAIL!

I think I just found some extra coin laying around to assist this great American if he needs it for any legal fees! Time for a C-Gar


When Richard Pierce, a 64-year-old retired U.S. Marine and Vietnam veteran, heard that Westboro Baptist Church members planned to picket the funeral of Vice President Joe Biden’s son on Saturday, he decided to attend a “counter protest” to make sure there were no “problems.”

The veteran said he fully intended to “mind his own business,” but during the protest he witnessed something he just couldn’t ignore.

Pierce’s anger swelled as he watched a female protester “walking across the highway, dragging our flag under her feet.” That’s when he “snapped.”

I lost my temper and the only way that I could demonstrate that is spill my coffee on them,” he recalled to the News Journal. But really, he threw his cup of coffee at two of the protesters. Full story here



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