This is a older post from 2015 and shows just how far back the last administration set us…..

You read it HERE in One Marine’s View about how this administration lost several large loads of US weaponry given to the Iraqi military to ISIS when ISIS overtook Ramadi and other cities in Iraq. We’ll despite it not being in the general news, this administration is at it again.

“The United States started delivering about $1.6 billion worth of military equipment to Iraq in recent weeks, the first of many weapons shipments that are expected to continue for the next two years.”

There is no guarantee that the Iraqi military will not lose these shipments as well (by the way that you are paying for as a tax payer) except if we send US troops back to Iraq to assist in guarding/using them which could happen.

The downfall to this is we didn’t learn our lesson when we pulled out of Iraq before it was won and then we left a shit ton of weapons there to only lose them to America’s threat (ISIS). You think these weapons will be there for very long? I doubt it and once again, if we go back into Iraq, look at what we will be facing, a well-armed enemy.  Time for a C-Gar

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