Because the news agencies are not slamming this administration for their failure in their news, No Shit News (NSN) will shed some light on what they won’t report and bring to you. If you have heard about this, great, if you haven’t, well you have now.

During the Bush administration nothing so incompetent like this has happened that ultimately resulted in danger to you, your troops and everyone who is against ISIS. As ISIS took Ramadi and other major Iraqi cities they took everything we left behind for the Iraqi’s. “ISIS has captured hundreds of US supplied weaponry”

-At least 1500 upgraded Humvees with improved armor

-Unknown number of MRAPS (developed/used by US to defeat IEDs)

-Pickup trucks -M1 tanks and armored vehicles

-At least 52 heavy Artillery pieces (198 howitzers)(these have a range of aprx 20 miles)

-Dozens of US helicopters *not to mention huge stocks of ammunition and artillery shells, mines and explosives.

(this is all they are acknowledging/know about)

“From the sheer quantity of captured equipment, ISIS has probably three sets of captured M16 rifles and body armor for every one of its fighters."

Now, when (and I bet we do) American forces are deployed back to re-take Ramadi (which 4493 US members were killed already) they didn’t have nearly the amount of weaponry ISIS has now.

Here is the thing, if you don’t think we weren’t monitoring the ISIS advancement, you’re crazy thus we had multiple options here, 1) stop/kill ISIS in their tracks (preferable) 2) conducted air strikes on the known weaponry to at least destroy it or 3) assist the Iraqi’s too fend off ISIS. We didn’t do any of the three. Where is the press now? Pathetic. Time for a C-Gar

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