A young warrior booked a hotel room in Carolina after traveling to see his folks and his flight was canceled. However, when he checked into the Baymont Inn And Suites because he was 20 (under 21) the hotel refused to rent the room to him. Have you ever arrived at a hotel after missing a flight to only be turned away of have an issue with your reservation? It sucks.

You’re tired and then the friction of getting a room is added. Try it with as a young family and the suckiness is even bigger. The Baymont Inn And Suites has put out a follow up about the event but it seems like it was to only cover their ass. I can tell you this, their apology didn’t help the young family that night when they were trying to find a place to sleep. He did get a room nearby that honored the servicemember although he wasn’t 21. Take note. Time for a C-Gar


  1. Seems common sense has gone out the window these days…this wasn’t a bunch of sailors looking for a place to party. This was a service member looking for a place to sleep…should have been at a discounted rate as well.

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