College Suspends Wounded Marine! Which college? Mississippi College in Clinton who claims to be a “Christian college” has kicked a wounded Marine out of school.


Disabled student veteran Jeremy Rawls who has served multiple combat deployments was like any other college student and trying to figure out what degree he should pursue and the like. He used the college provided “counseling” program and happen to have a muslim counsel who he basically didn’t see eye to eye with. Go figure he is suffering from PTSD, is trying to pass school then bumps heads with a college representative who can affect his schooling and happens to be a scarf wearing muslim. He simply asked to have a different counselor.


The so called “Christian school” does the not so Christian thing and kicks him out (suspends him) because he doesn’t agree with what his muslim counselor recommends. Then they label HIM a threat. How many Marines have flown planes into Trade Centers? Just asking here??Christian my ass!

“It’s not that I didn’t want to participate… I didn’t want to traumatize her and it wasn’t a good environment to be talking about [my disabilities] with that specific person,” Rawls said.

“Is it any surprise that this vet with PTSD doesn’t feel comfortable with a counselor in a hijab? Many Americans aren’t comfortable in any context with the “traditional Muslim dress,” and several European nations have even banned the misogynistic women’s wear entirely.” Orig story


This so called “give us your money” for college donations because we are a “Christian college” is playing both ends here. They throw out all of the holy, holy Christian mask smoking mirrors then do the exact opposite of what they should be doing, like helping this Marine. Instead, they have clearly taken the “we are sheep” path and decided to protect their holy image and not make any waves but they could have assigned him a different counselor. Like that would make any waves, hell I had two-five counselors in college because half of them were dumb asses.

Clearly, Mississippi College in Clinton is anything but a true Christian college and clearly has been riding on false representation to get “Christian school” government funding. Liars! This is a fine example how much of America is bending to the “let’s not offend anyone by being Americans” and making those that served this country as not only the “bad guy” but the victim, an American Veteran. Way to go MCU, we now know your true colors and it isn’t gold and blue. Feel free to give them your thoughts art their “public relations” center, oh but you may have to push one for English – Email: Phone: 601.925.3239 – Time for a C-Gar



  1. We have one of those in name only Christian colleges in OKC. Actually I just went to get name of it to post here, and I see they have removed Christian from their university name.

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