Gang, those of you who come to One Marine’s View often know that I have a blog post category called “Every Day is Memorial Day” (ck out the link for kick ass stories)   because in my book, every day is Memorial Day. Not for me knuckleheads, for those warriors other than me. Those warriors that were fighting wars before you were and I were glimmers in our daddy’s eyes, the warriors who just try to make it through each day with their disability, and especially those that America has forgotten, until days like Memorial Day arrive. Don’t like it? Go to Dr Phil’s blog, I’m sure it’s filled with motivating articles (yawn). Want to be motivated beyond one day and have the day mean more to those not in the military? Come back by because “Every Day is Memorial Day”


 I feel the point to ensure you know what Memorial Day is about as some get a bit confused and wish me “Happy Memorial Day” thanks for trying to be considerate but……you doing it wrong.


When our caught up in whatever you are doing this weekend, for all that is holy, take a second and remember, Memorial Day is celebrated because someone died for this country which ensured your freedom. Remember, as you enjoy your weekend with your family and spouse, there is a family and spouse without their loved one there and may even been looking at you remember the times they had with their warrior that is now gone.

Celebrate your life, your freedom and all you have, make the extra effort to make something of your life with all of the luxuries we have in the US. Make your kids life better than yours, take an extra minute and look around at what you have and be grateful, regardless of how much you have, be grateful.

Do this for them, because that’s what they would have wanted, don’t let their death be in vain. Remember America’s warriors this weekend who have paid the ultimate sacrifice as this too is what they would have wanted. They gave all, I think we can give them the honor of one day for what they have given, it’s the least we can do. Time for a C-Gar

These fallen heroes represent the character of a nation who has a long history of patriotism and honor – and a nation who has fought many battles to keep our country free from threats of terror.

Michael N. Castle



My Memorial Day Tribute……

UPDATE… To the nearly 30,000 people who have shared this Memorial Video… I am Overwhelmed with Gratitude & Humbled… Thank You for honoring and remembering America's fallen Heroes this weekend!!! Semper-Fi This is a tribute I created for Memorial Day Weekend…It's a tribute to my fellow Marines Who Gave All in the pursuit of Freedom…There are actually 3 funerals in this tribute that I attended and I am dear friends with the Marine father who is saluting the casket of his Marine son….God Bless & Remember ALL Our Fallen Heroes This Memorial Day Weekend…

Posted by Chad Warner on Thursday, June 2, 2011


  1. I’ll never forget the young wife with a baby who will never get to meet her daddy because the Marine was kia in a shit hole called Helmand province Afg. They tried to be strong as she met us at the battalion parking lot as we returned but the void was evident. The almost 300 Marines & Corpsman Kia during all of my deployments started with the words “we have an Angel” identifying a friendly Kia & I hated to hear being reported to me. The very first was Cpl Ron Payne in Tarinkowt Afg who we named our fwd operating base after. The term “angel” is bitter sweet. It IDs those Kia but labels our countries finest. If they could talk to us today they would want all Americans to live to the fullest extent for their sacrifice. Today I remember all of those Angels and the families that gave them up. Semper Fidelis.

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