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Joining my beloved Marine Corps isn’t a free ticket. You don’t get a free pass because we need you. We would rather go to war with 100 dedicated fighters than 10000 place holders (hello Army). Boot camp is where Marines are made. It is not easy, if it was easy, everyone would be a Marine and for those of you thinking about joining my beloved Corps, know, it is never easy being green.  Usually about the first 48 hours even the most motivated recruit asks him/herself “what the hell did I get myself into”.


However after about a million heart attacks and several missing hours of sleep, you see everything under a different light, the light of a disciplined, focused, trained team that when trained and educated is one of the deadliest forces in the entire world. This is a short peak into the recruit day “humpin” (that’s hiking) up Mount Mother F’er. It’s named appropriately because nothing good happens on the way to it and the first step up it your world changes. It will test you, try to kill you and that’s just the mountain. The short haired pit bulls (Drill Instr) circling around add as icing to the cake. You better be ready, because you are about to be tested like you never have before, welcome to Mt Mother F’er. Time for a C-Gar

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