You may have read about these Marines on One Marine's View back in 2012. I suggest you read about them now if you haven't before.

I remember this event as these two warriors stood their ground however I cannot begin to honor them as much as General Kelly does in the previous link. I do know that there are educated warriors that young and brave and when called on to perform, never let us down. Can you say that about the average kid in the workforce? Maybe, maybe not. However, there is no greater honor to serve with Americas warrior, especially when they don't come home.  In honor of Memorial Day approaching, I continue the "Memorial Day Series. Time for a C-Gar

"They immediately recognized the truck as a VBIED [Vehicle-borne improvised explosive device], stood in its path and began shooting. As the Iraqis around them fled, they leaned in, unloading their weapons. The truck stopped just short of the two Marines and detonated, killing them both instantly.


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