I wish I could tell all of America the countless stories of its hero warriors. Those young warriors that stood strong when only they prevented evil from winning and paid the ultimate sacrifice. However, so many Americans today (not all) don’t know or either care what their military does for them as they take for granted the shield they provide. Yet they only take and take and complain when they don’t get a hand out. Some will never grasp the concept a Vet provides and frankly, we are fine with that and have accepted that.


However, don’t think for a heartbeat that gives you the right to shun us, disrespect us or what we represent as we have earned the right to correct you on the spot, especially for those that paid the ultimate sacrifice. We tend to speak the loudest for them.


You may breathe a second breath if you choose to disrespect us, but that’s only because we are discipline enough to ignore your ignorance. Try a second time and you may not be as lucky to get a third breath. Your warriors will walk through fire for Americans if we know you have our backs. Many of the most intelligent bravest America has to offer go forward and deals with evil while others go to the mall, again we are fine with that. Just remember, going to the mall while we deal with the dirty work doesn’t give you the right to tarnish us, our service or for the great country we love. Consider yourself warned. Time for a C-Gar

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