You may have read or have seen how the Wounded Warrior Project helps vets. You will see their label all over the NFL and sexy commercials where they take “vets” sky diving etc. However, you better do your homework when it comes to donating to the Wounded Warrior Project.

If they were simply out to “help” warriors that would be one thing however, when they are making hands over fist cash on the backs of actual wounded warriors, I have issues with that.

Let’s take a look at their salaries:

Top Three Salaries at Wounded Warrior Project (Based on Fiscal Year-Ended 09/30/13)





Steven Nardizzi

Executive Director

$  397,490

Albion Giordano

Deputy Executive Director

$  365,405

Jeremy Chwat

Chief Program Officer

$  240,364




That’s some pretty good cash, hell, they must be water walkers! When I began writing this, I didn’t have a beef with the WWP until some of my blood brothers (real warriors) started talking to me about them and the cracks “they” put into the WWP armor says it all.

Still no help, from a wolf in sheep's clothing.

by: Disabled Marine 4 Life


I am wounded from incidents while serving in OIF and require my wife to do my ADL's. WWP offered a seminar free and food free, so we went to a half hour talk, with juice boxes and some crackers. They did give myself and my wife a t-shirt with the WWP logo [so you could advertise for them if/when you wear the shirts].


The pitch said we would receive help in some way aiding in home-based job my wife can do, since I'm homebound for the foreseeable future. That was 3 years ago, and no contact from them since.


My wife has left messages several times with no callback. They have done nothing for us. They do send stickers regularly, but why would I endorse a "charity" that fails to do anything.


They boast on TV that they do so much, but we must not be TV material to have charity from them.


Many have said the WWP is all about the “sell” on how they are winning hearts and minds with wounded warriors. Do they advertise? Big time, does that money go to advertising instead of warriors? Yes, a big part. Less than 80 cents of every dollar goes to helping warriors. The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) 2010 Tax Return has been posted online. It follows the same formula – the percentage of expenses paid for Program Services was only 65% – according to page 10 of their IRS Form 940, posted at their web site.

FYE 2009 Officer salaries = $700,301
FYE 2010 Officer Salaries = $1,021,638

So here's the breakdown –
2008 – 64%
2009 – 62%
2010 – 65% of all expenses paid (out of CASH donated*) being used for veteran/wounded programs.

“They’re more worried about putting their label on everything than getting down to brass tacks. It’s really frustrating.”

The same veteran spoke of waking up in the hospital after an IED hit his supply truck—WWP, he said, had given him only trivial merchandise: a backpack, a shaving kit and socks.

“Everything they do is a dog-and-pony show, and I haven’t talked to one of my fellow veterans that were injured… actually getting any help from the Wounded Warrior Project. I’m not just talking about financial assistance; I'm talking about help, period,” he said. “

Pain, you might say, there has to be some wounded warriors out there that have really benefitted from the WWP right? I’m all ears and my comments section is always open. If you know of a wounded warrior that has truly benefited from the program, send him/her to me, would love to hear how they benefited.

“The Wounded Warrior Project has become, in the words of those they’ve targeted for legal action, a big fat “bully,” more concerned about their image and increasing the size of the organization than actually providing services to wounded warriors.” There are countless threats from WWP & their big lawyers to any other charity with the word “wounded” or “warriors in it like the small Keystone Wounded Warriors, a small, all-volunteer charity based in Pennsylvania.

How small? Keystone Wounded Warriors had a total annual revenue of just over $200,000 as recently as 2013. That’s less than the $375,000 that Wounded Warrior Project executive director Steven Nardizzi was personally paid in 2013. This is only one of many examples how WWP will go after any other company with the same words or a soldier/serviceman blacked out in any part of their logo.  

As we start to scratch a little more on the WWP regime, we also find out they are very anti gun and even anti knife although many, many of their donators are actually gun and knife manufactures.

“Tom Gresham of Gun Talk Radio details the recent revelation that the Wounded Warrior project–a frequent recipient of donations from the firearms industry–is, in fact, anti-gun.”

Here is a response he received after asking a WWP member to attend his talk show:

“While we appreciate the interest in having a WWP representative on your show on Veterans Day we are not able to participate in interviews or activities with media/organizations that are related to firearms,” said Ms. Coleman in her email.

But we will take your contributions………..

I could write a book on this one as I’ve seen many warriors visited by WWP members, given insulting trinkets to show the world that they are “helping” those warriors only to utilize that event to their benefit. If you’re reading this and still tell me that the WWP is a first class charity, ok, send them $500. However know, I’m not the first to see/hear this stuff as a simple Google search of "WWP bad charity" will tell the same tale. Pull them up in any charity checker and see that their highest grade as a “charity” is a C+ which just recently came up from a big fat D grade.

But hey, what do I know, I'm just a Marine who listens to warriors that are in need of help. Granted, many Americans only see the fun loving music driven commercials showing them “changing” wounded warrior’s lives. Perhaps you should find a wounded warrior and ask them how the WWP has changed their lives.

I'm still looking for one.

Time for a C-Gar

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