1 – This is America

You want to stomp on my flag (God help you if I see you do it) you have the freedom (and lack of brain cells) to destroy the item that gives you that very freedom here in America, however, I'm sure I can find numerous reasons you need to meet a US Marine, danger close.

Americans are falling into the "sheep" category. They act just like sheep and don't think for themselves or what "they" believe in, just what they are told to believe in. Here is an idea, I believe in America, if my flag bothers you, pack sand and eat shit. If it offends you, go back to the shit hole you came from. If I could find a flag pole tall enough to disrupt the international space station's orbit because it was too tall, I would drop that sucker in my yard with a flag so big the good 8lb, 9 0z baby Jesus himself could see it on a cloudy day.


 Home owners association doesn't like your American flag? I see you have a couple options, 1)take it down (become a sheep) or 2)move or my favorite, 3)paint your house the colors of the flag with big freaking stars on it. Take that home owner association pukes.

I will never, ever, never ever never apologize for being a God fearing red blooded American. If God fearing red blooded Americans "offend" you, tough shit. See number one above.

The American flag is a bigger symbol than your self righteous vomit spewing, give me a free hand out protest. Despite your total lack of respect for any honorable veteran that volunteered to fight for this country, you prove to the entire world just how big of an ass clown your are. Congratulations, I'm sure your parents are very proud. (in case you think that is a compliment, its not, your a moron)

I got a Facebook post from a friend who said:

"Here is a challenge, post a flag! Fill face book with flags!!!

Freaking brilliant!!! remember just after Sept 11th attacks and American flags were all over? Many of them are down now. Quitters!

If you don't have a flag up, you have to ask yourself why don't you? If you live in an apartment you could have some random 3 year old make you one with their crayons, who respects America and post it in your window. It may show your laziness but at least its a flag.

Lets say you send me some left field reason that totally prevents you from showing one ounce of patriotism, then here is a solution my little techo wonder, simply copy the US flag in this post and post it on Facebook.  Here Ive done the hard work for you:

Put your courser over this flag, right click and select save image as and save it to your desktop.



Go to your facebook page put the American flag into your Facebook post and title the post like this

"Post a flag Challenge" or ""Here is a challenge, post a flag! Fill face book with flags!!!"

I would love to hear the feedback of all the anti American flag wankers out there when they see your post. Simply tell them, love it or leave it. You can also add "pound sand" or eat shit to you post, your call.

I am not a sheep, I'm a red blooded God fearing American and I love this flag and all it represents.

Time for a C-Gar


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