Jade helm

Jade Helm, yes, the exercise you have been reading on Facebook and news stations about a military build up to take over and declare martial law. Gang, being a Marine I have a good finger on the pulse of what is going on within the military. Jade Helm, although may fit some beliefs of a ploy from our unpopular president to overthrow our citizens, it isn’t. Before you go and say, he’s a Marine, of course he is going to say this, take a deep breath.

The exercise is NOT unprecedented: these types of Special Operations training events have been conducted since the 1970s and there are towns in NC and VA that have had significant portions of their population role play for the military in the past. For example, “Robin Sage” – the culminating exercise for the unconventional warfare portion of the Special Forces’ Qualification Course – has, for decades, taken place in civilian towns outside of Fort Bragg. This was also done in Germany during the Cold War. Until the recent hysteria among American citizens about this event, most patriots valued the opportunity to take part as role players and “partisans” for our special operators to interact with.

The last American’s that would turn on its own are your military members. You have to ask yourself, would these people that we send to foreign countries to rid evil simply turn on their home land? Give us a little more credit. The Marine Corps has several Marine Expeditionary Units (MEUs), actually 3 of them posed from the east and left coast and Japan. There are actually 3 on the east, 3 on the west and yes, one in Japan. One of these three is deployed, one is getting certified and one had just returned from deployment and is in rest/rebuild mode. These MEUs have been doing these types of exercises all over the US for the past shit ton years. However, no one has ever thought that it was an attempt to overthrow the US despite they had been done in Alabama, Florida and North Carolina, just to name a few. Despite how our current situation in DC is, we are always doing these types of training exercises and yes, they are the same scale of Jade Helm. It just so happens that currently, no one trusts our president.

Check out this article as it sums up Jade Helm. – Time for a C-Gar


  1. I’ve seen so much on this that I am confused as heck. I can’t imagine the Military that I love is so far destroyed and rebuilt in an obama image that it’d turn on us. It’s not in my state so I’ve not done any digging/vetting info on it.

  2. The below is a great comment I found-
    Matthew D In my personal opinion there is no possible way that that the US government could impose martial law on this country.
    And it is a matter of simple manpower and logistics.
    They do not have enough manpower and hardware to clamp down on a nation of 350 million people.
    Combine all federal, state and local law enforcement, the entire military, reserves and Guard units and that totals approximately 2 million tops. There are almost 100 million registered gun owners in this country. If even a tenth of that number refuse to comply with whatever bullshit they come up with that leaves 10 million armed Americans to contend with. There will be a significant percentage of military and LEO who will refuse any unlawful or unconstitutional order from above to fight fellow Americans, thus reducing their numbers further. They don’t have enough tanks, APC’s, MRAP’s, planes, gunships and hardware to fan out across the length and breadth of America to enforce it.
    This is my opinion.

  3. Agreed. Not a proactive imposition of martial law coming our way with JH15.
    However, is it possible that this is training for some potential homeland event that has the government worried. An event that would be so disruptive to everyday life that mayhem would ensue? For instance, a cyber attack on our power grids that could leave millions without power for weeks or even months. Or an EMP or solar flare that could also cause a massive outage. If this were to occur, all hell would break lose. These events are not “that far out there.” That being the case, could the government simply be running some drills to prep of this kind of situation?
    Although similar exercises may have occurred in previous years, can you blame citizens of Texas for being a little pissed off that no one at the federal level even bothered to ask for permission or to proactively notify citizens of this two month long exercise in civilian areas?
    How about the poor people of Michigan who we scared to death because of military drills in civilian areas without proactive military notification prior?
    You can see how trust is at an all time low.

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