There are roughly 573,000 unemployed veterans in the US according to the Dept of Labor. That's a shitload. Despite the military "purging" its warriors and flooding the already high unemployment markets, our DC "leaders" keep kicking your combat vets out. Grand! 

However, there are some companies that are good to check into if you are an unemployed Vet!

The below article expands on it a bit and if nothing els, get off your butt, get that resume ready and contact these companies…….ok, do some laundry for the spousel unit (it will make her day) and it beats you watching Opera….. Time for a C-Gar

A few years ago, many companies viewed veteran hiring essentially as charity — a nice thing to do, a way to chip away at sky-high vet unemployment rates and get some good public relations in the process.

Things have changed. Read more here 


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