Ask any Marine (officer or enlisted) up for promotion if the requirements have gotten tougher for promotion and the answer will be yes. For officers, many junior officers are obtaining their master degrees to stay ahead for promotion. Many enlisted Marines are getting let go for mere hits against them like tattoos. All of this is due to your shrinking military and standards being raised to the degree of elimination. Point in case the below Marine was basically dismissed from the USMC due to his tats. Huh? Ya he was eliminated for promotion because of his tats. Not racial tats or gang tats, Marine tats. Even with a very confusing Marine Corps policy on tats Marines will be Marines and get tats (chicks dig em) but when was the last time a tat caused a warrior to less than expected on the battlefield? Brilliant isn’t it?

I sat on an enlisted promotion board once and happen to be the only infantry officer in there. Long story short, many “officers” were disqualifying warriors for their tats. I called the bullshit flag and asked the Colonel running the board how that affects the Marine in combat? Remember, every Marine a rifleman first, right? After some colorful discussion with my non infantry peers I pointed out many of the ones they wanted dropped for promotion had Bronze Star awards and multiple tours under their belt, while the poag ass officers who wanted those warriors out  had no deployments and a pizza stain (name for the free be Natl Defense Ribbon)on their uniform. Thankfully, back in 2010, the Colonel running this board sided with me. However, now it doesn’t seem to be the case. Time for a C-Gar

Knapp, who is assigned to Camp Lejeune's 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines, was denied re-enlistment by Marine Corps headquarters despite a policy waiver endorsed by leaders within his parent command, the 2nd Marine Division. So now, while the rest of his battalion is deployed to Europe as part of a crisis-response force, Knapp is sidelined in the States Read more here

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