That’s right sports fans, the title is correct however, let’s paint the entire picture of what is represented by the title of this post. Yes, Iraqi soldiers did retake a key city today but know their assaults were led by US air strikes which are being controlled by us servicemembers identifying those targets for our own aircraft.

Wait a second Pain, I thought Pres O said he ended the war in Iraq. Ahhh yes he sure played all of the news stations for all he could get on that head shake didn’t he? Interesting how all the kool aid drinker voters got dooped in that "story"and his entire campaign didn’t they (suckers). As I enjoy my fine cigar I have to ponder and think, yea, this “change” is clearly better for America, or the self-destruction of it. Time for a C-Gar

A day earlier, Iraqi soldiers, backed by U.S.-led coalition airstrikes and Shiite and Sunni, gained control of the towns of al-Malha and al-Mazraah, located 1.9 miles south of the refinery.

Special forces also managed to maintain control of the provincial capital, Ramadi, in Iraq’s western province Friday, despite ISIS forces pounding the city with bombings and forcing residents to flee. Read more here

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