You may have read it HERE on One Marine's View how the Marine Corps was the first service to accept women into combat billets for certification. Even though the US Army is accepting them into their Ranger program and special forcess

the Marine Corps has tried it and now is ending their acceptance of women into the combat billet  training at the officers school, Infantry Officers Course and you can bet ends additional ideas of women in combat billets. Infantry officers course is hard, it's not suppose to be easy and I can tell you, no standards were lowered. Time for a C-Gar

An 18 month trial period allowing female Marines to attend the Marine Corps’ Infantry Officer Course will end without a single female graduate, reported the Marine Corps Times.

The opportunity for female volunteers is part of a larger effort to determine the feasibility of allowing female officers to take part in ground combat operations. If anyone had successfully completed the course, they would not have earned the occupational designator or entered the infantry, since the program was only an experiment. 

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