I see, you direct (order) US servicemembers to go to some shit hole of a country, have them risk life & limb where many give all in their service while you have the nerve to say, lets even pay them less. Wow, some balls. Let’s just note that only 20% of US Congress are veterans and I bet you can count how many in the nation’s capital have family members in the military on one hand. Unless you are in the military, you really don’t have a clear picture of how many live from check to check just to make it even though we send them to do multiple deployments, risk everything and have their families suffer. Instead of cutting retiring veterans retirement 20% or more and cutting final payment to those that don’t make it to 20 years, how about we do some of my recommendations below in order to simply keep (not even increase) what servicemembers get upon retirement:



1. Cancel all “vacation” trips for the President. In 2014 alone he spent $44,351,777.12 in vacations alone. As of March 2014, Obama has spent more time traveling internationally than any other president, taking 31 trips since assuming office in 2009. The 119 days spent overseas have cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

2. Ground Air Force One – The hourly rate for Air Force One is $151, 757 an hour. That translates into American homeless buying a house every hour the plane operates. The Obama family’s flights on Air Force One for their 17-day Christmas vacation to Honolulu (only Hawaii figured here) between December 2013 and January 2014 totaled 36.9 hours at a cost of $210,877 an hour, adding up to $7,781,361 that you paid for as a tax payer. Glad you voted for him?

3. How about stop paying the salaries of senators and representatives that no longer serve. Why should they get paid for life? Military members don’t and senators don’t deploy, miss their first born, birthdays etc. why are they special? Paid for life? Are you shitting me?

Here are several more ways this administration has wasted your money (per Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma “Wastebook”) (Hat Tip – "Love My Country, Loathe My Government Blog)

• Medicare and Medicaid likely lose over $100 billion a year to waste, fraud, and inefficiencies.

• Social Security easily loses over $100 billion a year to waste and fraud.

• The IRS readily admits that it fails to collect almost $400 billion a year in taxes owed.

• Obama’s debt reduction commission recommended that over $100 billion a year could be removed from the Pentagon’s budget without compromising national security; I contend that this is a substantially low ball figure.

• The Navy recently spent almost $300 million to build two ships to near completion, decided that they were not needed, and then spent another $10 million to junk them.

• The State Department spent $60 million to build a consulate in Afghanistan and then realized that it could not be defended against a terrorist attack and abandoned it without ever using it.

• The National Science Foundation annually wastes billions of dollars on such inane projects as a video game that simulates prom week, determining when dogs became man’s best friend, and other such nonsense.

You get the idea. We have a Federal government bureaucracy that is out of control when it comes to smartly spending our tax dollars. And that out of control spending has resulted in about an $18 TRILLION national debt with nothing to show for it. And we got to $18 TRILLION by wasting money like the following “Wastebook 2015” items:

1) According to Coburn’s research, the National Institute of Health’s Center for Alternative and Complimentary Medicine spent $387,000 to study the effects of Swedish massages on rabbits. This is the same government organization that says it does not have a big enough budget for Ebola vaccines but apparently has enough for rabbit massages.

2) The Department of Interior spent $10,000 to monitor the growth rate of saltmarsh grass, i.e., the government is paying people to watch grass grow.

3) The National Science Foundation has granted more than $200,000 to a research project that is trying to determine how and why Wikipedia is sexist.

4) At a cost of $371,026 the National Institute of Health funded a study to see if mothers love dogs as much as they love kids.

5) The Federal government granted $804,254 for the development of a smartphone game called “Kiddio: Food Fight.” The game is intended to teach parents how to convince their children to try and eat new healthier food choices. I guess telling your kids you cannot leave the table until you eat your vegetables is no longer a valid way of child rearing like it was for my mother.

6) The National Endowment for the Humanities has provided $47,000 for undergraduate classes that teach students about laughing and humor.

7) The National Science Foundation spent $856,000 to teach mountain lions how to walk on treadmills as part of a research project whose aim was to better understand mountain lions’ instincts.

8) A Government Accountability Office (GAO) study found that the Federal government has recently paid more $700,000,000 to over 57,000 government employees who have not shown up to work for a variety of reasons. In some cases, workers accused of serious misconduct are reportedly getting paid to stay home and do nothing. The Department of Defense (DOD) has the highest number of paid leaves on record. During the three years that ended in September 2013, DOD put 8,600 employees on leave for one to three months, close to 900 for three months to a full year and 123 employees for more than a year.

9) The country that put men on the moon, the United States, no longer has the capability of putting a man into orbit, relying on the Russians to put an American in orbit at the outrageous cost of $70 million per astronaut per trip. Once up in space at the International Space Station, more money is wasted on such idiotic projects as the design and creation of better golf clubs.

10) The Coast Guard has reduced its focus and resources on drug and migrant interdictions and but now offers free patrols for private yacht parties.

11) The IRS has mistakenly given over $4 billion to identity thieves across the country since it was too incompetent to identify thousands and thousands of bogus tax returns.

12) The Federal government spent $331,000 to see if people would stab voodoo dolls when angry and hungry at the same time.

13) That same government spent $171,000 to study the gambling habits of monkeys, finding out that monkeys share “our unfounded belief in winning and losing streaks,” a completely useless finding for every single American.

14) Coburn said that the Defense Department has budgeted $80 million over four years to build a Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, and is spending some of that taxpayer money collaborating with Hollywood costume designers along the way. No use having a Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit if it does not look cool. As if $80 million was not enough to waste, Coburn’s research cited one industry source that estimates that $1 billion would eventually be needed to build just a single prototype.

15) The report estimated the annual level of waste related to food stamp fraud at about $3 billion.

16) In 2012, the State Department funded a gathering of world musicians from around the world in Florida, where they participated in a flash mob. Unbelievable. Hundreds of billions of dollars wasted every year for nothing in return. Millions of Americans are homeless and hungry but the government spends money on rabbit massages.

With all of these “frauds” spending our money and getting away with it, we decide to punch our Vets in the face and take money away from them. Funny, not once have I seen anyone in DC stand in front of a widowed mother of a Vet, a child whose father was killed in combat or a disabled vet nonetheless a retired vet and tell them to their face “yes I approved to cut the money that we once told you that you deserved  for your service. In my book I call that the work of a coward. If you’re going to F8ck us at least blow us a kiss or tell us to our face. You know, like when you want us to go to war for you, youare always in big crowds saying that but never how you’re going to take money away from us when we get home. We wonder why so many great servicemembers are getting out? Time for a C-Gar


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