I realized many knucklehead “let’s get rid of the American flag” because its offensive turds out there were barely off their momas tit when the war in Iraq began. However, I remember it and did three deployments to it. I saw the good with the bad and now as I see our “administration” completely destroy any good we did over there at the cost of thousands of American heroes. I can only clearly see how young (below 21) Americans are being “programed to believe all this BS this administration is putting out. Furthermore the colleges supporting this ideology should be shut down and all arrested who are against the US. Just saying.

In this post from one of my deployments in Iraq, I saw an American administration make a difference and the Iraqi people make a difference. Now, all of this is clearly erased and the young 21 and below morons mentioned above think all of our work there was bad. They show their ignorance quickly don’t they?  Time for a C-Gar


LOOKING GOOD As the sun came up today no one really knew what to expect to happen as Iraq began their democratic elections. One thing for sure Marines & Soldiers were ready to do their job and provide the necessary security required to ensure the scumbags didn’t interfere with our mission at hand. Across the entire AO (Area of Operations) the tempo was mild although not without fighting. The typical in your face IEDs and RPGs were ever present but your armed services prevailed and insured a safe voting atmosphere for the Iraqi people. Read more here

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