We are hardest on our own, if we weren’t we wouldn’t be Marines. Do I think “posers” (those pretending to be a servicemember who never served a day) isn’t a big deal? Hell yes I do. Do I think it’s a big deal if a servicemember wears something they didn’t earn? Hell yes! I can care less what rank you achieved or honestly how many sea service ribbons you have. I am proud of all servicemembers even if you only served 4 years, thank you! Do I salute those Medal of Honor Recipients? Hell yes, they have earned it. However, the posers out there I will call you out and you better be ready to get embarrassed. If we didn’t feel this way, we wouldn’t be Marines. We are hardest on our own. Time for a C-Gar

The top enlisted leader of 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines has been relieved after Marines raised disturbing questions about discrepancies in his official biography.

Sgt. Maj. Kenneth Lovell III was removed from his post as the infantry battalion's sergeant major on Monday due to a loss of confidence, said 1st Lt. Luke Kuper, a spokesman for III Marine Expeditionary Force. Lovell's unit is currently attached to 4th Marines on a Unit Deployment Program rotation to Okinawa, Japan.

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