Many see American servicemembers and are grateful for their service, some are not. For those that are not, that are content with the government paying for their way through life, read below and recognize the American people you will be rated against.. Time for a C-Gar


If anyone doubts the resolve of the U.S. military fighting ISIS terrorists, this story is a lesson that our troops are battle-tested and ready at any moment.

Nine months ago, in addition to the authorization of airstrikes against ISIS targets, the U.S. military began deploying special forces as part of a new mission to take on the rising Islamic State. Among those taking part in the deployment were military advisers and support personnel.

More recently, after an announcement by President Obama, the U.S. has sent troops for limited ground operations against ISIS, including the protection of bases and the defense of key strategic areas.

The first casualty in that renewed battle has taken place, and the soldier’s story is a memorable one.

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