One Ranger by

H. Joaquin Jackson (Author)

This stud could have (should have) been a Marine. This is a good book on the life of a Texas Ranger and the situations he gets into and how he handles them. He knows when to talk it through and he knows how to shoot it out. Just like a Marine. His point blank attitude, honesty and love of being a Texas Ranger got my attention and I actually not only related to him but found myself laughing out loud a few times. Classic and good for any ages to read, especially teenagers. Time for a C-Gar


When his picture appeared on the cover of Texas Monthly, Joaquin Jackson became the icon of the modern Texas Rangers. Nick Nolte modeled his character in the movie Extreme Prejudice on him. Jackson even had a speaking part of his own in The Good Old Boys with Tommy Lee Jones. But the role that Jackson has always played the best is that of the man who wears the silver badge cut from a Mexican cinco peso coin—a working Texas Ranger. Legend says that one Ranger is all it takes to put down lawlessness and restore the peace—one riot, one Ranger. In this adventure-filled memoir, Joaquin Jackson recalls what it was like to be the Ranger who responded when riots threatened, violence erupted, and criminals needed to be brought to justice across a wide swath of the Texas-Mexico border from 1966 to 1993.

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