We had a badguy get frisky and go for one of my Marines weapon as we detained him. This is why you zip tie their hands and feet kids! Anyone who says different hasn’t had a haji try to kill them when they are questioning them. Just when you think you can lower your guard they strike (America, take note). Needless to say haji got a one on one class on MCMAP martial arts and scrapping with a 200lb, pissed off, tired and frankly tired of all the bullshit Marine. Haji ate some dirt after that move. The below is just as motivating as one gunfighter runs out of ammo and continues the fight. Have a kick ass day & be happy you’re alive. Time for a C-Gar!


Marine Ends Firefight By Butt Stroking Taliban In Face

What happens when a Marine runs out of ammo face to face with a Taliban fighter? He beats him with his own weapon of course…


Have you ever been so badass that you ended a firefight by butt stroking a Taliban fighter to death with his own PKM? SSgt Wooldridge may be only man on earth to answer that question with “Yes. Yes I have.”

On June 18, 2010 Wooldridge’s mounted patrol came under enemy fire in Musa Qala. His squad dismounted their vehicles and maneuvered on the enemy fighters, who were preparing an ambush. Wooldridge, armed with a M249 SAW, and the rest of his squad killed or wounded about eight insurgents, causing the rest to scatter. This is when Wooldridge took the initiative and assaulted the enemy position on his own.

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