Those like Michael Moore, and Seth Rogen that dare to taint the service of one of America’s heroes (Chris Kyle) reside in that thin layer that separates dog shit and the grass it lays on. Both of these turds just demonstrated the typical left wing attitude of having warriors go to shitty places of the world to rid the evil that exists and they mother f#ck us for doing it.

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer has something to say about this as well.

I would trade two digits on either hand to have these pieces of crap walk next to me or any service member that has done one or multiple tours in Iraq or Afghanistan. They wouldn’t last a day yet they are so eager to vomit their spew of discontent. They have no idea what their warriors do for a living for them to have the freedom they enjoy.

Please Michael or Seth, feel free to contact me to discuss and I will gladly meet you in person. Matter in fact, lets meet at Camp Lejeune or Camp Pendleton. I’m sure I can find one or two Marines for you to fully explain your thoughts to, call them cowards to their faces and of course a few military families for you to tell that their sacrifice was for nothing and they are “cowards” your words, not mine.

If anyone has a t-shirt with either of these two on it, please send it to me, I need something to wipe my ass with. Don’t expect an invite to the next Marine Corps Ball Mother F#ckers. Time for a C-Gar


  1. ha ha ha, than you for that visual of dog poop and grass, it fits perfectly. I am glad that Michael Moore is finally getting some comeuppance for his disparaging of our military. In Portland when he joined the occupied movement, the crowd identified him as one of the 1% and asked if he would give up his wealth, the COWARD turned tail and ran, almost literally

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