Accurate, entertaining and patriotic. If you have the chance, go see it. Yes, I’m that guy in shows or movies especially that portray Marines or military in general that has items that are dorked out jump out at me. Not always tactics but simple things like US Army rank on a Marine or in your face items like that. In those cases the military advisor should be fire, not get a cent.

However, throughout the movie American Sniper, nothing really jumped out at me and you can get a pretty good feeling of what Ramadi or Fallujah was like. The bravery portrayed is spot on from all in the cast especially in the case of how the movies ends……….naaa I won’t tell ya how it ends.

This is the kind of movie America needs to see. It points out its heroes that the average person would have never know about unless this movie was made. This is a good movie for the Gals as well as it accurately shows the home front view. I know military wives that mentioned after the movie “I can relate to his wife”. A certain spousel unit just looked at me & smiled during the movie when Chris Kyle's character called her on a satphone with gunfire in the background.

For the weak of heart out there, this movie has a gruesome factor of 1.1 on a scale of 10. There is blood and the like but not like Saving Private Ryan or numerous other movies. It doesn’t need the ohooo ahhh special effects, the story alone will make you do that. A great book as well. Go see it – Time for a C-Gar



  1. Glad to get this review, I have heard that it is pretty true and accurate. So tired of Hollywood rewriting stuff and producing to a politically correct point of view. I followed what he was doing with other vets before his tragic death. I am glad it is doing so well at the box office and will touch hearts and change minds.

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