If you didn’t know, a couple turds decided to hack the military website (Centcom) United States Central Command however, proved they weren’t smart enough & failed so they hacked the CENTCOM YouTube and Twitter page.

“The main suspects: a group led by Junaid Hussain, a 20-year-old who moved from Britain to Syria — accompanied by his 45-year-old alt-rock girlfriend — to kick-start the Islamic State’s hacking campaign.”

President Obama Announces New Cybersecurity Legislative Proposal and Other Cybersecurity Efforts here but nothing like doing it after the fact (Damn that golf time)

The Army is contacting a "significant" number of retired general officers whose personal information was posted online when hackers took over U.S. Central Command's Twitter account Monday, an Army official said.

But think about this, if they got General Officer emails, what else (or what other organizations accounts) did they hack the press isn’t alluding to?

Time for a C-Gar

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