In 2012 The Marines allowed women to participate in the Infantry Officers Course (IOC). They were the first branch to make this opening and had interesting results. None of the multiple women that attended the course passed due to physical injury or physical standards.  Interesting, isn’t it? However, we opened it and the facts didn’t lie. The only way they would have made it through IOC would have been if the IOC physical standards were lowered. Now, the Ranger school and the US ARMY are trying the same thing. What it comes down to, if they make it, great but will standards be lowered to facilitate that to happen. Is that what America wants?  A level of professionals evaluated on a lower standard? Something to watch. Time for a C-Gar


The Army will allow as many as 60 women to participate in the next Ranger course, allowing women for the first time to compete in the grueling two-month combat school. It is considered one of the first steps into the military special operations field. 

Army Secretary John McHugh approved the change that would allow women in the course beginning in late April. 

While completing the leadership course would let women wear the coveted Ranger tab, it does not let them become members of the Ranger regiment. Currently only men can be in the 75th Ranger Regiment — the special operations forces unit based at Fort Benning, Georgia. 

Joining the regiment requires additional schooling that is physically, emotionally and mentally challenging. 



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